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inside chaletoldest crocodile @ the Croc FarmLivingstone Croc Farmview of the Zambezi RiverRoyal Livingstone Hotelmist from the falls
our chaletbackpackers in Livingstonechill out loungeZambia wins Africa Cup 2012
Zambezi Riverbridge to Zimbabwe

Finally! Argentina & Africa photos are on Flickr. Check ‘em out!

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For the love of Africa

Africa is a continent full of contradictions. She will both astound you with her beauty and crush you with her tragedy. She is welcoming and isolating, joyful and painful, free and oppressed, breathtaking and heartbreaking, all at once. But for many of us, her contradictions are part of her enchantment and bring many a traveler back to her time and time again, while convincing others never to leave. This quote by Hemingway was in our backpackers in Livingstone, and while there were a few days when I was sick and would have disagreed, I can hardly argue with his sentiment:

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From Zambia with Love

Africa has always held a powerful allure for me. I was born in Tampa, Florida and grew up going to Busch Gardens, an African themed zoo in Tampa. Animals fascinated me from a young age, and because of Busch Gardens, my fascination has largely been of the African variety; Nairobi, Timbuktu, Cairo, Uganda, Congo, and the mighty Sergengeti are all represented in the park. Not only did we spend countless weekends as a family at the park, but I spent quite a few summers at Zoo Camp, Busch Garden’s camp for kids. It may sound corny, but I owe much of my love and fascination for Africa to Busch Gardens. Africa is the Holy Grail of wildlife and nature travel for me, and our Zambian safari did not disappoint. Continue reading


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The reality of the poor in Africa

“When one makes $20 million, ten thousand people lose….” from ‘The Irrationality of Rationality’ by NOFX

The above is from one of my favorite songs written in my college years but the lyrics never held much meaning to me until I came to Africa. Rachel and I have witnessed the ultra poverty that plagues the people here, and seeing this in person brings us to a new level of understanding of how little some of these people have, and how wealthy the western world is in almost everyway. It will forever change us.  Continue reading


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Life is good in Nkhata Bay

Peaceful. Beautiful. Heart Warming. These three words describe our 4 days Nkhata Bay, Malawi. In Nkhata Bay, I felt we finally found our way to the warm heart of Africa- not that the rest of Malawi wasn’t welcoming, but if you have read our previous posts, you know that we had been having a rough time. Lots of rain, illness, hellish minibus rides, aggressive craft sellers, and an underwhelming lake experience didn’t make for the most satisfying of days, until we reached lovely Nkhata on Tuesday night.  Continue reading


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